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jtl radio transmitter
The JTL Radio Transmitter and Receiver set is a wireless digital radio triggering system designed for photography studios and on-location work when you'd like the freedom of eliminating the cord from the camera to the light or in many cases its impossible due to distance, running children etc. to run cords to your lights. Many environmental issues can also interfere with the built in optical slave sensor on the light making radio triggering the perfect solution. Placing the JTL radio receiver on your light also deactivates the optical slave of many lights which is very handy as well to keep the light from firing from random flashes from other cameras that can sometimes occur at a wedding or church service etc.

The basic setup consists of two units: a radio trigger and a digital receiver, both easily installed with the trigger going on most any camera's hotshoe (except some Sony) and the radio receiver connecting to most any light with the included compatible connecting cords. Although the trigger is almost always positioned on the camera's hot shoe, a camera cord in addition to sync cords is also included in the set. Its an extremely fast and easy setup that only takes a minute, with the most complicated step just toggling the channel button so that the trigger and receiver(s) are on the same channel. The DigiFirer can be used with a variety of studio flashes, strobes (AC & DC), and monolights (monobloc) both in the studio as well as outdoors where it's often an absolute necessity.

You can not only mix and match the models of JTL brand lights such as JTL Mobilights, Versalights and Digital Versalights, J-160 and J-110 but you do so with other brands because the system was designed for compatibility with JTL's diverse strobe line which has the side benefit of providing wonderful cross brand compatibility with other brands such as Profoto, Promaster, Photogenic, Alienbees, Einstein, White Lightning, PBL, Savage and Britek etc.

"I love using the Digifirer Trigger and receivers with my 4 JTL Mobilights in the studio and on location- It's so easy and inexpensive to go wireless with JTL Digifire!"  Eric Moyer

1. Eight (8) optional channels for up to eight groups of strobe lights. It may be 1 to n lights in each individual group (channel).
2. A triggering speed of up to 1/1500 second
3. Digital display of the locked channel number for each receiver
4. A CPU controlled idle function for energy conservation
5. A trigger battery with a lifetime of up to one year, or over 20,000 triggers
6. Ultra low triggering voltage (5v) for camera safety
7. Large test button on Trigger, and reset on Receiver
8. Fine gauges on trigger to dial channels
9. LED signals for each trigger/reception
10. Receiver adapters for the synch cord outlets of different strobes

JTL DigiFirer Radio Trigger and Receiver Set

JTL DigiFirer Radio Trigger and Receiver Set gives you the trigger that fits onto the hot shoe of your camera and the receiver that straps onto your light, with an included mini plug adaptor that plugs into the sync cord outlet on all JTL strobe lights such as Mobilights, Versalights, Versalight E, Versalight D J-160, J-110 plus its 2 included adaptors fit many or non JTL brand lights.

2 versions of the sync cord adaptor are included which are the 1/8 inch (3.5mm metric) size which fits the smaller sync cord port of the JTL J-160 and its predecessor the J-110, and secondly a 1/4 inch or 6.35mm metric which fits your JTL the larger JTL Strobes. Works with JTL and most lights that have a sync cord port. Additional lights may be triggered with optional additional receivers (code 2227) available below or by their built in slaves.

jtl digifirer trigger receiver
Code: 2225 DigiFirer Radio
Trigger & Receiver Set

In Stock and
Ready to Ship


  • 1 Radio Trigger (Code: 2226)
  • 1 Radio Receiver (Code: 2227)
  • 1 Sync Cord Adapter 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
  • 1 Sync Cord Adapter 1/8 inch (3.5 mm)
  • 1 Sync Cord (for camera t
  • 2 AAA Batteries for Receiver
  • 1 Owner's Manual
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DigiFirer Radio Trigger/Receiver Set
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JTL Digifirer Trigger and 2 Receivers

You get (1) Digifirer Trigger which goes on the hotshoe of your light and (2) radio receivers in this set. Designed to wirelessly connect to 2 lights and trigger them wirelessly by the included trigger that goes on the shotshoe of your camera. It is helpful often necessary to have a radio receiver on each light when there is no direct line of sight for the light's slave sensor to work. Bright light in the room or obstructions can also interfere with a light's optical photo sensor whereas these radio receivers are not subject to those obstacles, thus the benefit of this radio to have a unit for each light.

jtl digifirer trigger with 2 receivers
Radio Trigger with 2 Receivers for Strobe Lights

In Stock and
Ready to Ship


  • 2  Radio Receivers (Code: 2227)
  • 2  Sync Cord Adapters 1/8" (3.5mm)
  • 2  Sync Cord Adapter 1/4" (6.35mm)
  • 4   AAA Batteries for Receivers
  • 1 Radio Trigger 2226 and camera sync cord with battery

$69.95 Free Shipping
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Digifirer Radio Trigger with 2 Radio Receivers
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  JTL Digifirer Radio Trigger Plus 3 Receivers

JTL Digifirer Trigger attaches to the hot shoe of your camera and sends a wireless radio signal the receivers that attach to your lights eliminating the need for a sync cord running from your camera to your light. This 3 receiver set is value priced with the more you get the more you save.

jtl digifirer trigger
Code: 2114 Digifirer Trigger

In Stock and
Ready to Ship


  • 1  Radio Transmitter with camera sync cord
  • 3  Radio Receivers with 3 size 1/8 inch (3.5mm) fittings and 3 of the 1/4 inch (6.35mm) size as well.  
  • 6  AAA Batteries for Radio Receivers, 2 each.

$99.95 Free Shipping
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Digifirer Radio Trigger with 3 Radio Receivers
$99.95 Free Shipping 

JTL 2225 Replaces old version JTL 2224 Digifirer Trigger Receiver set and JTL 2227 replaces JTL 2118 radio receiver and the JTL 2226 transmitter replaces the old Digifirer Trigger 2114 POCKETWIZARD FOR JTL LIGHTS AND JTL RADIO TRIGGER AND RECEIVER KIT 2225 ON SALE FOR $49.95 WITH VALUE PRICING: The more you buy the more you save with kits with from 1-4 receivers. JTL CONNECTING CORDS ENSURE 100% COMPATABILITY with all JTL Strobes except AC slaves which an adaptor is available by request free with purchase available separately. PLUG AND PLAY WITH EZ START GUIDE: No programming needed as we pre set your to be ready to go right out of the box. Cords included are also compatible with Photogenic, Bowens, Calumet, Savage, Alien Bees, White Lightning and Einstein and additional cords are available to work with most major brands!

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